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Wat Pho and Reclining Buddha

April 8, 2013

Wat Pho- Bangkok is the oldest temple (16-th century) and center of public education. It is also a traditional medicine center where you can book a massage in the famous Institute of Massage. We rather prefer the cheaper version, a simple back and feet rub in backstreet shop fronts. The nearby monastery is a house to 300 monks.


The sculpture of the Reclining Buddha, 46-m (150-ft) long, fills the whole wihan – a small temple. Buddha’s feet are amazingly large and adorned with mother-of-pearl on the soles. His position represents ultimate nirvana; I wish I could experience such tranquility.


Bodhi Tree – believe it or not is said to be grown from the cutting of the tree under which Buddha meditated in India.

Drinking water and decent clothes such as shorts and scarves were included in the price of ticket (100 Bath which is the equivalent of  10 zl or 2 GBP) so there wasn’t a problem with disrupting the monks from their prayers.

Great Palace was closed to public at 3.30 so The Emerald Buddha and wat Phra Kaeo must wait until we pay him visit next time, maybe at the end of our stay in Thailand, on the very last day in Bangkok?

A dancer at a go-go bar along Patpong. Bangkok...

A dancer at a go-go bar along Patpong.

The town of angels was all about spiritual life and shopping until now, but what about the third and infamous ‘S’? At the late evening we managed to venture again from the hotel to explore more sinful and sexual side of the city. As I am not allowed to reveal all the secrets I will only whisper to you that pole dancers over there are much too skinny and underage for my taste… so called Ping Pong Shows are commonly offered on the night market Patpong, starting price 80 Bahts with beer included, but definitely NO, THANKS.

On the way back to hotel we decided not to hire another crazy Tuk Tuk, as we now know from experience that they are born suicide drivers and first class masters of breaking the traffic regulations, but we didn’t need to hurry so we walked on foot. We crossed through Sanam Luang park famous for its kite flying competitions, the late king Chulalongkorn’s favourite sport, and stopped to see traditional khon performance about demons and heroes which was held in the park, I hope that it cheered Marek a little.


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  1. Grazyna permalink

    Im asking in a whisper: what does “S” mean ? ) Greetings

  2. Grazyna permalink

    Now I have known ;)) Greetings

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